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How do Learning Coaches/Parents contribute to the IEP process?

Learning Coaches / Parents are an integral member of a student’s IEP team. Learning Coaches (LC) facilitate attendance and engagement during the student’s agreed upon special education services. Learning Coaches support students during their general education learning opportunities as well as provide support during Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) or Related Services as indicated in the student’s IEP. If the student’s IEP includes SAI or Related Services, an LC may help the student gather materials, log in or stay engaged with the lesson. The LC and the student’s Case Manager should stay in regular contact to ensure that the student is accessing the agreed upon services in the IEP.

Every IEP document shall include a “statement of measurable annual goals” which allow the child to be involved in and make progress in the general education curriculum and meet each of the child’s other educational needs that result from the child’s disability.

IEP development and student progress monitoring are vital components of successful IEP implementation. Data on student progress helps parents and teachers better understand students’ learning successes and needs, helps target instruction to those needs and supports teachers in identifying appropriate teaching methodologies.

To support this process parents, HST and special education teachers are required to collect work samples, attendance, participation rates, and other informal academic measurements to monitor the student’s academic, behavioral, and social progress outlined in the IEP.

Is Independent study right for my child?

Independent study can be a great option for some students; however, it may not be the right option for every student who is not thriving at a traditional school. Some students might be better served in an educational option that is classroom-based and offers a smaller learning environment and more individualization. Generally, success in independent study requires motivation and a strong commitment on the part of the student and, especially for a young student, his or her parents/guardians/caregivers. It also requires sufficient academic preparation to enable the student to work independently.

How are special education services provided at our independent study school?

Special education staff at PCA work hard to help children with disabilities be successful. State law requires students with special needs who wish to participate in independent study to have an individualized education plan (IEP) that provides for independent study. The unique needs of each student and appropriateness of independent study is carefully considered and monitored and a plan is developed that partners with the parent/guardian/caregiver to meet the student’s needs. Typically, students with IEP’s are provided virtual instruction by a credentialed education specialist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and/or other qualified staff to meet the needs of students.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about my child’s special education program or services?

Please reach out to your child’s case manager with any questions or concerns you may have, as he/she will have the most information about your child’s program and special education services at PCA. If you still have questions, your child’s case manager can put you in touch with a program specialist and/or other individual to answer your questions.

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