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About Us

As teachers, we read so many wonderful writing samples by our students, but beyond us and immediate family members, nobody else gets a chance to see their amazing thoughts. On the other hand, we also encounter lots of students who don't see the point in writing when they don't have an audience or because they feel that their writing is being scrutinized. For these and other reasons, we decided to establish a student journal as a means to not only encourage our students to find their voice in writing, but to also provide them with an audience that will "hear" their voice, and hopefully appreciate and celebrate their writing.

The PCA Student Journal is dedicated to publish and celebrate our students' writing. We want to foster a love of writing by giving our aspiring writers an audience, and providing their parents with tools to create a positive writing environment. Our editors will partner with students to polish their work, and get it ready for publication. Whether it be poetry, narratives, persuasive essays, a lab report, a poster or a comic, all genres are welcome. Whatever our students are excited to write about, we are ecstatic to spotlight.

We accept submissions throughout the school year.

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