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How do students typically find success in an independent study program?

From our experience, students have been successful when they work independently with minimal support and/or work well with their Learning Coaches (parents/guardians). Generally, success in an independent study program requires motivation and a strong commitment by the student and Learning Coaches. Many of our students thrive with this type of support.

What is the process for developing my child’s IEP when enrolling at PCA?

Upon enrollment, PCA staff will review your child’s IEP to match it as closely as possible to our educational setting. Within 30 days, the IEP team meets to review the support and services and determine if your child’s needs can be met in an independent study environment. It is sometimes determined that independent study is not appropriate based on the student’s overall needs. In these situations, the school will connect with you about other options.

All students are required to engage in and access grade-level curriculum unless their IEP includes modified curriculum or modified grading. You will work with your Home School Teacher (HST) to select the curriculum. Your child will be assigned a case manager who will connect with you regularly to support you and your child.

What types of support can you provide to help my child be successful in this setting?

PCA staff can provide collaborative support or training to families who have enrolled in our school. We can help with identifying and selecting curriculum options, provide guidance with using specific strategies to support your children academically, especially in regards to how to accomodate for their student(s) general education classes and can provide strategies to help your students remain engaged during learning.

Who do I speak to about my current PCA student’s IEP if I have questions?

Please reach out to your child’s case manager with any questions or concerns you may have, as they will have the most information about your child’s program and special education services at PCA. If you still have questions, your child’s case manager can connect you with a program specialist and/or other individuals to answer your questions.

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