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Required Registration Documents

Required Registration Documents

Any student(s) drawn from the waitlist shall have five (5) calendar days to accept the enrollment slot (via telephone, SMS Texting, or email to the School) and proceed with the registration process. Applicants must complete a registration packet with all required documentation within seven (7) calendar days and by the deadline give by the School to confirm unconditional admission. If a family fails to complete the registration within the timeframe provided, the spot may be filled by a family from the waitlist.

Families who do not respond will be withdrawn from the waitlist. Families who respond and are not ready to commit will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.

Please have the following documentation ready to upload on your application:
  • Age verification document. This can be a birth certificate, passport, or government-issued identification.
  • Immunization Record, for record-keeping purposes. Vaccinations are NOT a requirement for enrollment in a non-classroom based charter. All students must provide a copy of immunization records or fill out the immunization card as it applies.
  • Proof of Residence. This can be a utility service statement (Examples: Gas, Water, Electric, Sewage, Home Internet, Trash, Cable), renter insurance bill, or correspondence from a government agency (Examples: CalWORKS, Social Security benefits, and Medi-Cal). Proof of Residence must be dated within 90 days of the submission date.
  • Sorry, we cannot accept driver's licenses, DMV/registration notices, voter registration, health care documents, cell phone bills, disconnection notices, credit card statements, bank statements, Homeownership documents (mortgage, property tax, escrow papers), paystubs as proof of residence.
  • Oral Health Assessment or Waiver for grades TK-1st
  • Report of Health Examination or Waiver for grades KN-1st
  • Transcript for grades 10th-12th

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